Researching Genealogy – a great hobby for Seniors

Recently a reader asked about possible hobbies for her mother. After my sister, Betty, and I discussed the options, we talked about her interest in genealogy. I asked Betty to write an introduction to genealogy for us and she did! Thank you, Betty!

Here is what Betty said this morning:
Researching family history is such an adventure! Over the years, my time, study, research, and recording have varied – from day-after-day to nothing for months. I was fortunate, too, that in some branches, much of the basic work has been done and books were and/or are available with the information needed to complete charts.

For me, however, family history is more than charts! Gathering and identifying old photographs, learning about professions, religions, education, lifestyles, health, habits, and so on from letters and personal interviews (via telephone, emails, or visits), are the things that bring our ancestors closer to our hearts. With that in mind, I have kept any family treasure that is offered. Cards, letters, newspaper clippings of birth and death announcements, graduation and wedding invitations, and such are each tucked in archival sleeves for safe keeping. At this time, I have over thirty notebooks of information about various branches of the family! And in boxes, more items to place in sleeves, then into these or new notebooks! Genealogy is an on-going process.

There are numerous resources to guide the recording of family history, and many approaches to take. Make it fun! Get to “know” your ancestors! The task is satisfying. The result is a record for your children and theirs – a gift to posterity!

Written by Betty DeLorme
September 18, 2011

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  1. One of THE best trips I’ve ever had was a genealogy-themed one I took with my mom, the family genealogist. We went on this amazing fact-finding mission to locate lost ancestors in Scotland. We discovered the ruin of an old inn that my 4x great-granny had managed and a cemetery with the graves of her family including her only son who had drowned. His obit read that he and his friends had done everything right, battening down the sails, but they still perished. I wrote about a Scottish ancestor in this cemetery post that has some neat US ties too:

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