How Seniors Make Money from Home Online

Do you want to know how seniors make money from home on line?    We all work on line and we are all most definitely seniors.  If you have sisters, I hope you have as much fun as we do! Separated by miles, we are in touch via the internet, instant messaging, e-mail and the telephone! Let me introduce us!

We were a family of four children. Each one of us four years apart. Our father worked in an accounting job in a textile mill, so obviously he was planning for college days in the future! 🙂How seniors make money at home

Our baby brother and our parents died years ago. But the 3 of us have survived. And here we are — on the internet! Now who on earth could have dreamed such a thing in 1953? Continue reading

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Adorable Valentine Outfits for Baby

These Valentine outfits for baby are just too cute not to share.  I know many of you readers have new grandbabies this year, and are just waiting to pick that perfect baby valentine outfitValentines gifts.   Baby boys and baby girls will be dressed out in finery for this celebration of love.  I can just imagine the photographs that will be shared through the mail, email and yes, Facebook. Continue reading

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Use a Vibrating Wrist Alarm Clock

Use A Vibrating Wrist Alarm Clock Wrist Watch – When Quiet is a Necessity

A vibrating wrist alarm watch is a very helpful product for people who are hearing impaired. But the hearing impaired are not the only ones who will find these quiet alarm watches helpful.  Vibrating alarm watches keep you on schedule without irritating sounds.

A quiet vibrating wrist alarm clock watch can wake you without waking others in the household. Continue reading

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Women and Tutus – A Tutu Party!

women and tutusWomen and tutus can be a hilarious combination! My friend, Margie and I, decided one weekend to make ourselves a tutu. Have you ever worn a tutu? Well, we had not. We are senior women now, and we deserved a chance to wear a tutu. The next day, my daughter came by to take our photo in our tutus. We just thought it would be funny! Continue reading

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The Amazon Echo for Christmas Gifts This Year

Are you considering the Amazon Echo for Christmas this year?   The Amazon Echo is a fun gadget and a great gift choice for just about everybody on your list.
Amazon EchoThe Amazon Echo is one of the handiest gadgets we have ever purchased. We are not very techie folks, and we are both senior citizens. In fact, my husband is legally blind.
We use the Amazon every day for music. We like all the old music from the 1950s and 1960s. Music is never ending on the Echo – and is received from Amazon Prime, Pandora and Iheartradio. All we have to do is ask. For old fogies like us, the Amazon Echo is a musical miracle.

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Fabulous Gifts for a Man Who Has Everything

gifts for man who has everythingClassic Hand Carved Rosewood Nose-shaped Eyeglass Spectacle/ Eyewear Holdergifts for men who have everythingI found some fantastic gifts for a man who has everything. Yes, I have to buy for one of those guys, too. We all know them. The guy who rushes out to buy anything he wants whenever he wants it. And when asked what he wants for Christmas or a birthday, he just shrugs and says he does not need anything.
Well, he may not really need anything at all, but I think he would enjoy any one of these unique gifts I finally discovered.  I sure hope so.

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How to Make a Family Recipe Book

family Why Create a Family Recipe Book?

It is easy to create a family cookbook.  A family recipe book is actually a collection of memories of our lives. Old family recipes will disappear with time if we do not make an effort to preserve them.
Making a family cookbook is a great way to pass those recipes on to the next generation.  Learn how to make a family recipe book on this page.  Keep scrolling for ideas and steps.


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