Journaling for the Grandchildren

Journaling for the grandchildren is one of the most important tasks of a grandparent. Making a journal of the grandchildren’s cute sayings is a fun project. Of course, since my husband is legally blind, we do this a little differently.

When one of the grandchildren says something cute, sweet, delightful, funny or wonderful, Whitey makes a note with his 20-20 pen and a legal pad. (We think everything they do or say is precious!) Then, later, when we have a quiet time, I will type what he has written. Whitey does have to be with me because his handwriting is not easily read. Between us, we remember those special moments (using his reminder notes) and we get them typed up. Then on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, we give that special list to their parents.

Of course, I must share the latest example. We have a golden retriever named Hogan. Whitey often calls her Hoganmeister, as a sort of nickname. Yesterday our grandson asked, “Poppy, why is Hogan’s last name Meister?”

Now, you know we have to write that one down and hold on to that precious delightful moment! Are you journaling the precious words your grandchildren say? Our grands are early elementary now, but even looking back to when they were 2 and 3 is great fun. These little journals of ours will be a treasure to them one day, and it is a very simple thing for us to do for them. Journaling for the grandchildren and for future generations is part of our job during our senior years, don’t you think?

I know many grandmothers who scrapbook photos of the grandchildren – and those scrapbooks are a treasure indeed. Do please remember to write some of the stories to put in the scrapbook. You can print them on your computer and add to the scrapbook if you handwriting is a bit shaky these days.

Enjoy your journaling adventure. I love using a moleskin notebook and a disposable fountain pen. It’s easier to write with a pen like the old days — remember fountain pens?

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South Carolina grandmother who loves to write, dance, and visit with friends and family.
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2 Responses to Journaling for the Grandchildren

  1. MiMi says:

    Such a nice thing to do. Sure wish I had thought of that. What a great Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift! So thoughtful to give journals of what the grandchildren have said!

  2. bevspaper says:

    Keeping a Journal of the cute and wonderful things our grandchildren say and do is such a fun thought!

    Loved the question asked about Hogan! How precious!

    What touched my heart the most was that someday when these kids are grown and looking over these journals…they will know just how much you loved them.
    .-= bevspaper´s last blog ..Armadillo As Native American Totem =-.

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