House Cleaning Tips for Seniors – Part I

Whether you live in 1 room or 10, alone or with others, house cleaning is part of our lives! The dust collects, the dirt grabs hold, fingerprints and smudges and soil appear here and there. And that doesn’t count the clutter, dirty laundry, unwashed dishes, trash in the trash cans, mail to be sorted, recycling to be handled, and light bulbs to be changed!

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We, as seniors, have our hands full with the house cleaning chores to be done! But with Spring approaching, it is the perfect time to get a plan in mind and take action for cleaner, more orderly surroundings. Ideally, we would hire someone to do Spring Cleaning for us. Or perhaps hire a young person to help, at least a few hours, with some of the more difficult tasks. Finding the right, trustworthy person or working that into our budget is not always possible, so we have some hints that will hopefully make your Spring cleaning and future home maintenance easier.

There are also some basic safety issues to keep in mind, depending on your own situation. My son, for example, has put down a new rule for me: Never Climb the Ladder Again! This means, of course, that someone else has to replace light bulbs or pull down or put away in places I can’t reach with arm’s length! Another rule: Never Go to the Attic Alone! The stairs may be steep, making it dangerous for anyone with possible unsteady steps. So, along the cleaning route, do keep your safety in mind!

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There are two basic approaches you may wish to consider:

A Room a Day: Determine to totally clean that particular room and very thoroughly. Polish the furniture, wash the nicknacks, check all light bulbs, sweep mop, wax or vacuum floors, clean baseboards, door frames, cabinets, shutters or blinds, and so on.

A Chore a Day: List 8-10 major cleaning chores for each room (such as those listed in #1 above), then do the same chore in every room of the house on a particular day.

Think about these, and our next post, Part 2, real soon will give some specific great hints for you to use as Spring approaches and you want to do your Spring house cleaning!

Betty DeLorme

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3 Responses to House Cleaning Tips for Seniors – Part I

  1. I have got to get in some kind of routine and you have some great suggestions. Thanks.

  2. Susan52 says:

    I like your two methods, a room a day or a chore a day. I tend to mix it up a bit, but I’d probably get more done if I settled on one method and made a plan. I really like the stool you feature with the support handle. What an excellent safety idea! Great, timely post now that winter finally seems to be leaving us!

  3. Correen says:

    I’d love it if I could just hose everything down, let it drip dry and be done! ~Sigh~ Because I really can’t do that I like your chore a day idea the best. Looking forward to part 2 😉

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