Earning Money After Retirement

earning money after retirementIf you want or need to earn money after you retire, it is certainly possible to do so. We don’t suddenly become unable to earn money on our 65th birthday.
We talked earlier about self-employment for seniors and how to choose your new career. Today we will talk about marketing yourself.

You have been selling yourself all your life, whether you realize it or not And with the internet, marketing yourself and your products has never been easier. If you love crafts, be sure to check out Etsy. If you have an Etsy store or a Zazzle store, you will definitely want a Facebook page to share your products. Facebook pages are free to create and a great way to keep your friends and family updated on your newest products.  Earning money after retirement requires us to learn a few new skills.

Free advertising is also available in your local community. My sister, Nancy, is very busy with volunteer work in her small town of Pendleton. She makes good use of the internet and Facebook to promote upcoming events.

If you want to learn to blog or if you are a blogger and need to learn about marketing your blog through social media, check out Pajama Affiliates.  The lessons are all on video and you can watch them again and again.  And there is the added bonus of a super support group meeting privately on Facebook — another good way to let people know who you are.  You will be amazed at how quickly you make online friends in that group.

Again, make a list of marketing ideas that you want to try. We can do this!

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