4 Fun Exercise Routines for Senior Citizens

These 4 fun exercise routines for senior citizens require less motivation for me than the usual ones. I do not like to exercise, but I can actually make myself do one of these simple exercise routines every day. Of course, you already know the importance of movement for seniors — we have to keep our bodies moving in order to stay healthy. Strict regimens simply do not appeal to me, especially as I have aged. But with four choices, it’s somehow easier for me. As my nephew recently told his mom, “walk around inside the house if you have to, but move that body.”

Easy Cardio and Aerobics for Seniors


Segments from the “Cardio & Strength Training Workout for Seniors with Angie Miller” workout video: Straight-forward and fun – just easy-to-follow aerobics and seniors-specific muscle toning. It’s a convenient way to burn calories, strengthen muscles and improve balance. The cardio section raises your heart rate with simple combos of familiar steps (e.g.

Absolute Beginners - Cardio & Strength Training Workout for SeniorsAbsolute Beginners – Cardio & Strength Training Workout for SeniorsFabulous Forever Easy Aerobics Cardio Workout for Active Seniors and BoomersFabulous Forever Easy Aerobics Cardio Workout for Active Seniors and Boomers


Fun Line Dancing for Seniors

Jack is Back ! This is a fun line dance to learn. Nobody’s watching, so just go ahead and try it. After a few times, you will be staying right in step — and if you don’t, that’s okay too. The important thing is that we move the body and have a little fun. Exercise does not have to be miserable — it can be fun!

Jack Is Back (Senior Line Dance)

Julia Le Senior Line Dance Class, CPS Brampton ON. Dance: Jack Is Back

The Most Popular Line Dances for SeniorsThe Most Popular Line Dances for SeniorsLine Dancing for SeniorsLine Dancing for Seniors


Easy Chair Exercises for Seniors

It’s really nice to know that chair exercises count too.  There are days when our energy is just too low to think about exercise time, right?   But with these chair exercises, we can accomplish our exercises without having to be on our feet – and feel stronger in the process.  Take 3-5 minutes to take care of yourself.  Today!

Dance Along Workout for Seniors and Elderly – Low Impact Dance Exercise on Chairs

(Isl.Style_#9) https://muve.org . MUVE Moments invite audiences to spontaneously dance along in front of their TV or computer screens, to be more active at home and get a break from sedentary activities. The easy dance workout needs no memorization. In this senior fitness video, we are “in the flow of the music,” enjoying simple moves while sitting on a chair.

Older & Wiser Workout for Seniors and Active Older AdultsOlder & Wiser Workout for Seniors and Active Older AdultsScott Cole: Discover Tai Chi For Balance and Mobility - Exercise for Seniors & Older AdultsScott Cole: Discover Tai Chi For Balance and Mobility – Exercise for Seniors & Older AdultsSmile & Sway - Workout By Dancing in Your Chair - Low Impact Exercise in DisguiseSmile & Sway – Workout By Dancing in Your Chair – Low Impact Exercise in Disguise


Easy Yoga for Seniors – Relax and Feel Better

Yoga is one of the easiest and most effective exercises for seniors.  It’s easy to learn and good for your body, mind, and spirit.

Gentle Yoga for Seniors – Start Your Yoga Journey Today

Gentle yoga for seniors is one of the best ways to reduce stiffness and get more energy. In this video, yoga instructor Cat Kabira provides an introduction to yoga for older adults. She will explain what yoga really is and will walk through some of the equipment that you might want to have available as you begin your yoga journey.


Have fun with these 4 exercise routines for senior citizens – and when you have learned all of these, learn some more. Do something every day.

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How to Make a Family Notebook – for Senior Citizens

how to make a family notebookDo you know how to make a family notebook? We all need a notebook of emergency information in a convenient spot in the house — just in case. As we age, the need for a family notebook is even more pronounced. In this post, I will tell you how to organize a binder so that in the event of emergency, your family can be contacted or your neighbors alerted.

I recently rearranged my notebook to include emergency numbers, family history and stories, “wisdom” I want my children to know, last wishes and funeral plans. Continue reading

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Daily Prayer and Meditation Guides -Prayers for Senior Citizens

prayers for senior citizensAs a senior citizen, I seem to treasure my morning quiet time more than ever, don’t you?  This page of prayers for senior citizens is a list of prayerful ideas and suggested practices especially for those of us who are over 60.   Daily Prayer and meditation lifts us when we are down, comforts us when we are sad, leads us when we feel lost, and keeps us centered in God, Spirit, the Creator, our Supreme Being. Many of us use a daily prayer and meditation guide. Some of us pray through music. Others live life as a prayer, like our friend, Helen, in this painting.  The artist is my sister, Nancy Tate Hellams.  Thank you, Nancy.  When someone mentions prayers and senior citizens in the same sentence, I always see your beautiful painting of Helen.

Note:  You do not have permission to copy or use this picture.  Thank you for your respect.

Continue reading

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Top 70th Birthday Celebration Ideas

Tutu Birthday Cards for Senior WomenTutu Birthday Cards for Senior Women

It is time to celebrate! Is a 70th birthday celebration coming up soon for you or someone special? Don’t miss this opportunity to gather friends and family for a memorable time honoring the 70 year old.
When I approached 70, I began planning to have a party for friends and family who had helped, guided, and loved me over the years. First, the date of my birthday was on a weekend, so I called a local restaurant and had a preliminary detailed discussion, including reserving a private room.


& I worked on the wording of the invitations, the guest list, the decorations and all the fun details for the evening. Sadly, it never happened! Soon I discovered that our local University had a home ball game that night, which would present traffic problems for an evening party and accommodation limitations as well. Needless to say, I was so disappointed. Now, I will work toward my 75th!

The Most Fun 70th Birthday Party Invitations

Of course, you already know that your invitations will set the mood for the party.   And with the Zazzle cards and invitations, you can even write your own words if you like.  Make it personal and super fun!

Womans 70th Birthday Party Fuchsia Gold CardWomans 70th Birthday Party Fuchsia Gold CardWomans 70th Birthday Party Hot Pink and Gold CardWomans 70th Birthday Party Hot Pink and Gold Card


Best 70th Birthday Decorations for Your Party

I think the photo props may be the most important decorations of all — your guests will have fun posing with the different props and the photos themselves will be great to include in your thank you notes.

Adult 70th Birthday - Gold - Photo Booth PropsAdult 70th Birthday –  Photo Booth Props70th Birthday Molded Numeral Cake Candle70th Birthday Molded Numeral Cake CandleFanci-Fetti 70 SilhouettesFanci-Fetti 70 SilhouettesPink Sparkle Happy 70th BirthdayPink Sparkle Happy 70th Birthday



&There are so many things to think about as you prepare for the wonderful festivity! Your personal budget guides the direction from small, simple, and sensitive to grandiose complete with a great meal and a dance band. Whether a small or large elegant party, a simple square dance with BBQ , or a brunch or luncheon— the honoree’s life impacts the decision. Have your specific offer for a celebration set in your mind before you talk with the birthday person and determine if that fits their wishes as well. With their help providing the guest list, you are off and running for a great event!Make it smashing! Explore the 70th birthday ideas shared here and choose a theme appropriate to the person! Are they “bright and sparkly” or more quiet and reserved? Formal or informal? What has their life been about – medicine, fishing, farming, sports, education? Tie in any of the angles you are comfortable working with in little ways. Select invitations that set the tone for the party!

See how you can incorporate some of these 70th birthday ideas on tables and throughout the room. Remember that photographs will show later what your effort has been – appreciated and treasured for years to come.

70th Birthday Celebration Ideas for Gifts

I found a great collection of 70th birthday gifts at Granny Geek’s Blog !   You might think about gifts she would especially appreciate if she has one of those aggravating senior conditions so many of us struggle with.  As seniors, tho, we do have the right to jump from serious to silly in a quick minute.  You can be practical or totally ridiculous!

, Garden Tool, For Weak Hands, Garden Tool, For Weak HandsJar Opener Bottle OpenerJar Opener Bottle OpenerWomen's Classic Elastic, Tulle TutuWomen’s Classic Elastic, Tulle Tutu70th Happy Birthday Tiara70th Happy Birthday Tiara



Don’t forget — Your 70th Birthday Celebration Needs a Song!

And don’t forget to find someone to lead the group in singing Happy Birthday! Make the event as memorable as possible for this special person in your life on the occasion of their 70th birthday!

Happy Birthday, by Beethoven? Bach? Mozart? – Nicole Pesce on piano

Nicole Pesce in concert at Tempe Center for the Arts, not only showed her virtousity, but gave us a taste of her creativity and humor. In this clip, she speculates on how the master composers may have played one of today’s most popular songs. June 24, 2011


Hve a great 70th birthday celebration!

Betty DeLorme


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Microwaveable Plush Animals for Dementia Patients

 Intelex Cozy Microwaveable Plush, Puppy

Microwaveable plush animals are such a thoughtful gift for dementia patients.  I think this microwaveable plush puppy is my personal favorite.   Comforting to hold, this loving, soft, plushy puppy will be loved at first sight.
This microwaveable plush puppy is the perfect gift for your loved one.
Easy to clean – just wipe with a damp cloth. Continue reading

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Stylish Walking Canes for Men Who Love Fashion

Stylish Walking Canes for Men

Are you searching for a great looking walking cane? There is a beautiful selection of stylish walking canes for men showcased here! You will love the manufacturing quality of these unique walking canes, and the detail of the work that went into making them.

Men Derby Cane Walnut MapleMen Derby Cane Walnut MapleStylish Knob Cane Polished Natural Bark WoodStylish Knob Cane Polished Natural Bark WoodT Handle Walking Cane US Marines BulldogT Handle Walking Cane US Marines BulldogUnisex Eagle Head Cane Black MapleUnisex Eagle Head Cane Black Maple


Do you need a cane for yourself, a family member, or a friend? Why not make using a cane better, easier, and more fun for yourself, a family member or a friend?

The stylish and fashionable men in your life will appreciate the beauty of the Amish and the duckhead walking canes, as well as the other walking canes for men that we provide for your selection.  Stylish walking canes for men provide fashion and function.


Wood Cane With Acrylic Black Pearl Swirl Derby Handle and Collar (Black Stain)Wood Cane With Acrylic Black Pearl Swirl Derby Handle and Collar (Black Stain)

What a great walking can for men! This cane makes a wonderful stylish walking cane for men who need assistance with walking, and who are hard to buy for! They will appreciate the beauty of the black and pearl swirl handle. This cane will hold up to 250 lbs, and is stylish and attractive for the man on the go who likes to look good! This unique walking cane is a nice choice, and will offer many years of service to the special men in your life. I think this is the one for Uncle Joe this year. He will appreciate the stylish look.



Unique Walking Canes for Men
NOVA Medical Products Folding Seat CaneNOVA Medical Products Folding Seat Cane

A walking cane seat is extremely handy for someone who needs to sit frequently. This particular walking cane chair will hold up to 250 lbs. This is a great walking cane for men, and it makes a terrific gift for any occasion. Made in the USA, too, which is very important to many people. The featured walking cane seat is lightweight and sturdy! You can easily take it with you wherever you go.



Amish Walking Canes for Men Who Love Style

These unique walking canes for men are exquisite and made with painstaking care by the Amish! The Minto Hame Handles feel great in your hand, and the canes are sturdy and heavy-duty. They have a tip on them that is non-slipping, and the cane is finished beautifully to last for years to come.

Amish Handmade Morel Mushroom CarvedAmish Handmade Morel Mushroom CarvedHickory Hames Cane-Minto Hame tipHickory Hames Cane-Minto Hame tipAmish Hand Carved Walking CaneAmish Hand Carved Walking CaneHickory Hames Cane / Walking StickHickory Hames Cane / Walking Stick


I hope you found the perfect walking cane for your man.  Stylish walking canes for men always make great gifts.

life after 60


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Coloring Books for Senior Women

Coloring books for senior women have come a long way, baby! When I started this fun new hobby about 4 years ago, adult coloring books were hard to find. As more and more of us discovered the joy of simply coloring a few minutes a day, more and more artists created beautiful books for us to color. You can find funny coloring books, floral coloring books, and even inspirational coloring books. Like so many of you, I am busier than I have ever been in my life! But I always take 15 minutes a day for coloring. Coloring helps me to focus, to rest my mind and relax a bit. I even have coloring on my daily list of things to do! If you have not tried adult coloring books yet, now is the time.

Granny Swears: An Adult Coloring Book With Swears Grannies Would Say : Swear Word Coloring Book : Sweary Coloring BookGranny Swears: An Adult Coloring Book With Swears Grannies Would Say : Swear Word Coloring Book : Sweary Coloring Book

My favorite coloring book by far– this is hilarious!  You will recognize so many of the phrases in this book. I think my top favorite is “Lord love a duck” or maybe “well bless your little heart.”
This coloring book is the perfect gift for a senior with a great sense of humor. Quite frankly, I think most of my friends deserve this one. We all need to giggle while we color, don’t we? I think that’s a new rule, especially for older women — giggling while coloring. Our favorite new pastime. Old women don’t rock on the porch anymore. We quietly color and giggle at the naughty things we are coloring. I think past generations would be jealous – or maybe they stitched naughty words and giggled. I wonder. Continue reading

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