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Are you expecting family to be with you around the table? Do you have family traditions at the holidays? Will you prepare the turkey, dressing, and all the trimmings?
Or, in total contrast, will you be alone for Thanksgiving Day? Do you have friends who may find themselves without plans?

Let’s look at both scenarios. If you will have family with you, do you really want or are you able to do all of the preparations yourself this year? If not, it is time to suggest alternate plans. For example, why not purchase the turkey and dressing (or whatever your tradition) from a local grocery or market and let others bring a dish. You, of course, can keep a master list to avoid duplications and to assure that various favorites are included. If you enjoy cooking, you can “fill in the gaps” as the list takes shape. Then, the gathering is not a heavy burden just on you, but the food preparation allows everyone to be a part of the celebration. Would you dare use paper products to reduce clean-up time and effort? Why not?

On the other hand, if you will be alone, why not start now to make a list of friends who may be thrilled at the opportunity for a Thanksgiving gathering! They, too, may wish to bring a dish and be part of the preparation and celebration.As an alternative, check local restaurants and have eating out together as another option. Then no one will have the responsibility of work and cleanup, but everyone will share the joy of being with friends.
Holidays can be lonely or stressful times for us! Let’s not let that happen this year…not just thinking of ourselves, but our friends as well. We have so very much to be thankful for, especially our families and our friends.

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Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Betty DeLorme

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piggy bank

Senior adults save pennies and pennies add up! What a great New Year’s Resolution to begin in 2015 as a daily habit. In the meantime, let’s practice just for fun and see how much we can tuck back between now and the New Year. Then we will have a secret stash to begin with on January first.

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For some years, I have been trying to save change but not on a regular basis. I drop some coins into a bank from time to time. Oh, I have a piggy bank – a hand decorated one from a sister. It is such a cute little happy pig that I cannot help but smile whenever I feed him. I also have a small pottery jar with a cork top, but I do not do as well filling that one. The top is too easy to remove when I decide that I could use a bit more change in my purse, so what I have saved, I borrow back from myself. The piggy bank, however, is more difficult to get into, so I leave it alone. An added benefit each time we feed the piggy is that our pocket or purse is lighter!
Candy jar/coin saving jugs are fun too! Whatever is your style!

Penny Cookie Jar/Change Jar Candy DishLas Vegas Casino Chip Favor tan gold black Glass Candy JarCandy/coin Jar Candy DishesVacation Fund Savings Jar Candy JarsCustom Savings Fund Jar Candy DishPersonalized Fund Money Saving Bank Jar Candy Dish

A piggy bank is a great gift, too. For a baby gift, a grandchild, or even so other senior adults save pennies, you may help establish a saving habit by giving them a piggy bank. In fact, why not treat yourself to a cute piggy bank to inspire yourself to save as well. Just do some simple math. If you save 25 pennies into the bank every day for one year, you will have $91.25. That is a nice little stash! And if you are like me, you will be adding not just pennies, but other coins as well! Chances are if you are really dedicated to this savings challenge, that you can save well over $100! And you may have to cash in the change and get paper money to keep in an envelope beneath the pig. Let’s jump on this bandwagon! Senior adults save pennies!

Betty DeLorme

Introductory photo from Amazon – IMAX Folkart Piggy Bank

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50th wedding anniversary

Honor! Enjoy! Celebrate! 50th wedding anniversary party ideas is truly an opportunity for creativity. First, the party itself should reflect the preferences of the couple, the setting in which they would be most comfortable, and activities they will enjoy.
Second, it should include as many family and friends as the selected location and your budget allow.
Third, prepare for the unknown, for example, the exact number of guests, bad weather, or a headache! (A first aid kit and a sewing kit are always good as emergency preparedness at any gathering!)

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So what do we do when we get there? 50th Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas include a wealth of considerations: programs, food, music, gifts, games, speakers, surprise guests, dancing, decorations, flowers, memorabilia, photographs, recordings, videos. We are delighted to offer a number of products to assist as you plan this very special event. May it be memorable and joyful!
Celebrate! Fifty years! So many memories!

This page will guide you along your way to planning an amazing party!

50th Wedding Anniversary Party Decorations

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What fun! There are so many ways to carry out the 50th Wedding Anniversary theme! The cake toppers, of course, are perfect! Did you find a picture of the wedding cake at the wedding reception 50 years ago? Perhaps a caterer, or a friend if you are so lucky, can duplicate, and place a 50th topper in the perfect spot. The cake cutting set will be enjoyed at the party and for family gatherings for years to come. The picks can be accents in various food items, and yes, some people take them home as a memory of the party! You might even creatively use a pick in a Thank You bookmark for guests.

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Unique 50th Anniversary Invitations

Delightfully Unique Invitations for Your 50th Wedding Anniversary Party
Encourage and entice friends and family to share the joy of this exciting event with outstanding 50th Wedding Anniversary Party Invitations! Casual, formal, funny, plain or colorful, the invitations will create interest and set the tone for the party.

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The wording on 50th Wedding Anniversary Party Invitations may be simple and include only the basics of What, When, and Where. A different approach may be to write a poem about the celebration with significant events in the couple’s lives. You may wish to include special requests such as “bring an old photograph” or “write a memory” to be placed in a book for them. The opportunity for creativity is endless! Ultimately, the purpose is to honor the couple with as many of their friends and family as possible. We are pleased to have gathered some ideas for you and wish you fun and success!

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Golden Anniversary Party Invitations from Zazzle
When you buy an invitation from Zazzle, you will be given the option to personalize your invitation. All of your details will be pre-printed. Zazzle produces beautiful work. I have ordered from them myself, and I have been pleasantly surprised at the very high quality of their products. Click on any invitation to read more or even to browse more beautiful invitations at Zazzle. These are my favorites but there are hundreds of designs at Zazzle for your perusal.

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Using photographs to honor the couple is a great way to honor them and invite your guests.

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Love is like an earthquake-unpredictable, a little scary, but when the hard part is over you realize how lucky you truly are.
Author Unknown

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Or perhaps another little ache or pain that is just enough to be annoying but not bad enough for a visit with the doctor? Do you go to your regular medical stash and seek something to take the edge of so you can move forward with a wonderful day? Do you pick up a bottle of Advil, Tylenol, aspirin, ibuprofen, or the store brand of any of these?

Warning, warning, warning! That is what I did. In fact, I did it for three mornings in a row because of a sinus headache. Yet, for those three days, I slept and slept! “I must really be sick or fighting a bug.” I thought.

Finally, I looked carefully at the across the counter medication bottle I had just recently purchased for headaches and what I was taking each morning. I shopped carefully – reading labels, comparing ingredients and costs and put a bottle in the grocery basket. For the past three mornings, I had been taking the PM version of the medication! That is why I had slept so well for three days in addition to my usual good nights.

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I urge you to be extra careful when purchasing and when taking any medications, or you may find yourself doing what I did. I was sleeping day and night, yet not really getting rid of that annoying headache.

Betty DeLorme

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Senior Adults, Let’s Move! Not necessarily from our living quarters, but I am referring to moving our bodies! I never have been an athletic person and am not comfortable in organized exercise classes. I have, however, discovered some great secrets that I will share with you about sneaking in a bit of exercise and feeling better because of it. These simple exercise tips for senior citizens will make you feel better almost immediately. It just takes a little effort to make a big difference in how you feel.

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With deepest appreciation to my only son, I am moving my body! His degree is in Recreation and Leisure Studies and he has a number of years of experience as Program Director of a large Senior Center. His knowledge and sharing ideas with me has been most valuable.
For a while after retirement, I joined a walking group once a week and enjoyed that. Then I got out of the habit. “Just walk around the house, Mom.” he advised. I reduced my walk time to fifteen minutes a day and am trying to increase slowly to thirty minutes. In the house walking provides a flat surface and I do not have to dress and go somewhere to walk. Often times, I ease in “chores” along the way like taking laundry to the washer or returning an item to its proper place. Going from one room to the next makes me aware of things I need to do, repair, or replace. Sometimes, too, I “walk in place” when waiting for the microwave to finish or such. And when the weather is nice, I do love to walk outside. Sometimes around the block, sometimes to the corner, or maybe around the outside of the house. And I try to do steps, but hold the railing. Maybe just a few, or one flight, but some.

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There are simple exercises we can do at the computer or while watching television, but by all means, we should get up and move often. Even when we wake up each morning, a great stretch before getting out of bed is a wonderful way to begin the day! Watch an animal waking up…they stretch! Try it. Sounds funny and will be funnier when you do it, but what a great way to get the body moving.
You may find it interesting and motivating to make two small purchases: a pedometer and a little notebook. Wear the pedometer every day to see how much you are walking and record the total each day. Remember, 2000 steps is a walking mile. While Google resources vary some with the recommended steps per day for seniors, I am using the magic number of 8,000 steps a day as my goal. You may record exercise time each day, starting with 15 minutes and increasing.
There is no doubt we will feel better, look better, and have more energy if we exercise. Let’s do it, fellow seniors! Let’s Move!

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Nothing has brought me more pleasure since I retired than the opportunity to enjoy nature around my home. If you live in an apartment complex or other housing, you still can learn and enjoy the beauty of nature. Do not wait another minute!

I was always interested in birds and birdsong, and now it has almost become a habit and a hobby. I am fortunate to have a large yard and have added several different types of birdfeeders close by my screened porch so I can observe. I have acquired more books about birds, especially those in our area of the South. You will enjoy searching for these at yard sales, used book sales and such. Within a favorite, I note the date that I spotted a particular bird in my yard. I do have binoculars for closer identification, but honestly have a problem using them along with my glasses. On the computer, I found a site which can help us learn to identify birdsongs, but I have not yet become very good at that. I am learning, however!

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If birdwatching cannot really be accomplished at your residence, you may find added pleasure in learning about those in your area and volunteering your assistance to schools, a local park, or a nursing home where a birdfeeder of the correct type would brighten many days for residents.

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But if birdwatching is not your interest, what about squirrels, chipmunks, even deer and other beautiful creatures of your area? This is the time of our lives to open our eyes to the wonders of nature that we may have been too busy to see before! Our local libraries will be most helpful, too, as we add the special treat of nature to our agendas! A wonderful hobby for retired adults!

Betty Tate DeLorme