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How cool is your grandmother? These gifts have been chosen for those really special grandmothers – the ones who take you to school and band practice and to the movies. Grandma deserves her own bumper sticker, doesn’t she? Which one of these would she love best?

The Grandmother Bumper StickerProud Grandma Bumper StickersThis Grandma Rocks! Bumper StickersGrandma To Bee Bumper StickerGrandma’s Kitchen Bumper Stickerwoman-268642_1920 GROOVY GRANDMA COLORFUL FUN woma Bumper Stickers

Does your grandmother cook delicious meals for you? Cakes and cookies? Grandmother should have a very special apron, I think. What would she think of wearing one of these?

THANKSGIVING HOSTESS GIFT APRONSWorld’s Best Grandma ApronCat Lover Grandma ApronsSweet Cartoon Grandma Penguin ApronsReally Cool Great Grandma ApronsPeace Love Grandma Apron

Keep your eyes on this page for even more grandmother gifts she will remember and use!

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World’s Best Mammi Blue and WhiteWhat’s your grandma name? You can add your grands favorite name for you on this fun tee! In fact, most of the products on Zazzle can be customized. Our grands call me Joan-Joan and I will order my shirt so that it says “Joan-Joan” on it. There are short sleeved shirts, long sleeved shirts, and even hoodies that you can personalize just the way you want them.

All you need to do is click on any zazzle product on this page, and get busy making the shirt you want! Your grands will giggle when they see it! And just imagine the fun photographs you can have with your grands surrounding you — and of course, you in your fun shirt!


World’s best … hoodyWorld’s Best Grandma ShirtWorld’s Best Grandma Tee ShirtWhat Santa Doesn’t Bring Me Grandma Will Shirt

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Family Reunion


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The Tate Family Reunion started in 2000. We did not know each other well at that time. We were scattered all over the USA, and some folks we had not seen since childhood. A small group of us decided it needed to happen — and it did! We began to plan with a “bulletin board” format and e-mail. The planning was almost as much fun as the reunion. Our first reunion was a huge success!

We have learned by trial and error. Things we thought might flop worked – and some things we thought would be wonderful were huge flops! We continue to improve! So come along and learn with us before you plan your reunion! Use our experience to springboard your fantastic reunion! We know we have the best one anywhere! Come back and tell us about yours!
We are the descendents of Minnie Minerva and Amaziah Byrd Tate.

Family Reunion Committees

Reunion Committee Assignments

Our planning begins a year or more in advance. We always have a DINO (Director in Name Only) who helps us keep it together! We are scattered around the country, so our communication is e-mail and telephone!
Committees include:
Logistics – location, mailouts, promo
Children Entertainment
Honoring the deceased
Opening Ceremonies
Closing Ceremonies

PHOTO: Joan and Nancy crown Betty DINO for the next year! (We love crazy hats and fun accessories and costumes!)

Family Reunion t-shirts and hats are great fun!

Edwards Awesome Family T ShirtCheck PriceDavis Awesome Family ShirtCheck PricePlush Cow Head-Hat Party Accessory (1 count)Check PriceCaptains Boat Yachting Yacht Sailing Fishing Hat CapCheck Priceelope Seuss Cat In The Hat, Red/White, One Size(Adult)Check PriceOversized Felt Clown Top Hat Party Costume CarnivalCheck Price

Location, Date, Schedule for your Reunion

Organize Your Family Reunion – people will have more fun!

You will have to decide on a time and location first. Our reunion moves from city to city and lasts for an entire weekend. We try to have our reunions in the spring. It gets really hot in the south in the summertime.

So far, we have had reunions in:
Athens, GA
Chattanooga, TN
Helen, GA
Mt. Pleasant, SC
Memphis, TN
Pendleton, SC

When choosing location, consider:
Local entertainment available
Hospitality room availability
Rooms availability

PHOTO: Connie, Shirly and Missie prepare for Bingo!

Books to help you plan your reunion:

Family Reunion Planning Kit for DummiesCheck PriceThe Family Reunion HandbookCheck PriceFamily ReunionCheck PriceFimark’s Family Reunion Planner A Reunion Planning Guide Workbook & KeepsakeCheck Price

Cousin Matt is a genius at mail-outs and flyers! We are blessed with all of his talents! As soon as date and time is set, Matt will send out a “hold the date”. You will need someone strong in this position and also in the DINO position (Director in Name Only – remember?)

We do have a theme for each reunion. I remember:
Chattanooga Choo-Choo in 2002
It’s great to be a Tate in 2008

Basic agendas:
Friday afternoon – Welcomes, set up room and gathering together
Friday night – casual dinner together and opening ceremonies followed by Bingo or Jeopardy Trivia
Saturday morning – Presentations and Parade
Saturday afternoon – free time
Saturday night – Closing ceremonies
Sunday morning – gather for coffee and goodbyes

PHOTO: Monica leads the chicken dance!

Welcome, welcome, welcome! Nancy and Billy provide hilarious skit to get us started!

Welcome, welcome, welcome! Nancy and Billy provide hilarious skit to get us started!

Family Reunion Hospitality Room

Master of Ceremonies, Games and fun

Matt is also a natural Master of Ceremonies! He skillfully keeps us all in order – and believe me, with this crowd, that is no easy task!

Our reunion is FUN! Think of all the crazy, wild things your family could do!

If you are talented family, have a talent show! If you are singers, do a sing-a-long! One year Matt and Missy brought a rope game that was great fun! As you are shopping through the year, look for any game that will work with a large group. Horns and whistles are lots of fun.

PHOTO: Matt at the microphone!

Food, Food, Food!

Necessity for the Tate Family Reunion

In the hospitality room, there is always food. Everybody brings snacks and goodies, and these are spread on a table for snacking! We also provide bottled water, sodas, juices and ice. Most hotels have hospitality rooms with a small kitchen area. Debbie very graciously has been our hostess for many years, keeping food in order and directing the set up and clean up!

Breakfast is usually provided by the hotel.
Lunch is on your own or grab a sandwich in the hospitality room.
Dinner – together on Saturday night. Price is included in registration fee.

Debbie and Joan take a little dancing break!

All My Life’s a Circle

Our reunion theme song!
powered by Youtube


I don’t know these fellows, but they are almost as funny as we are singing this tune!

And BINGO was his name-O!!!
by dozer7743 | video info
38 ratings | 40,334 views
curated content from YouTube

Bingo Prizes – Wonderful hats from the Lillie-Ruby Collection! What Fun!

Bingo Prizes – Wonderful hats from the Lillie-Ruby Collection! What Fun!

Entertaining the Children

We have a children’s corner in the hospitality room – coloring books, crayons, games. The children are involved in all facets of the reunion. Of course, they love the parade!

Photo: Nancy and Tate teach us how to draw a cow!

Denise and Betty strut for the parade!

Denise and Betty strut for the parade!


When we first mentioned the parade, we were not sure if the family would actually do it! Everybody loves it! And the parade has become one of our highlights! Each family has prepared a banner that represents their assigned color and their family spirit. The banners are used to decorate the hospitality room – and are carried proudly in the parade. Most people keep their banners from reunion to reunion! We generally march, walk, around the parking lot of the hotel — and yes, be sure to ask permission from the hotel.

The parade ends with the family gathering for a professional photograph! Photographs are available for purchase from the photographer. We had one great photographer that took individual family photos, group photos, couple photos, and then provided all on a disc at a very reasonable price!

PHOTO: Tate and Bobby with the Bernice Tate Giles banner!

The Tate Family Parade!

The Tate Family Parade!

Me! Me! I know that answer!!

Me! Me! I know that answer!!

B-I-N-G-O and Tate Trivia

Of course, we play our own version of Bingo! And in typical Tate style, we sing B-I-N-G-O when someone wins. Yes, I mean the old childhood song. See video! One year, Connie was clearing out the family homestead, and the bingo prizes included items from the family home — including our Aunt Ruby and Lillie’s wonderful hats! Oh, we had such fun that night!

Christine has designed a game similar to Jeapordy and Trivia combined. See photo. The game involves questions related to our family history and current events. The first time we did it, we blew a whistle if we knew the answer! It was very funny and educated us all about our ancestors and each other!

PHOTO: Our super Jeopardy game! Thank you, Christine!
Note: Christine’s game is on a tri-fold board. These are available at most office supply stores. We have a Military board that honors family members in the military. We also have a geneology board. One year we posted baby pictures on a board, and one year we posted our pets (fun for “match the pet to the right family” game!)

Our Military Honor Board

Our Military Honor Board

The Chicken Dance!

Yes, we did it! and we had much more fun than these folks!

The Lawrence Welk Show: Chicken Dance
by Michael Dow | video info
2,978 ratings | 3,302,949 views
curated content from YouTube

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When my husband lost his vision in 1988, we quickly learned that a talking watch and/or talking alarm clocks would be a requirement, not a luxury! In those days, the internet was still a mystery to me. I got on the telephone and started making calls until I found a wonderful little talking watch!

Yes, the talking watch now announces the time. Not only that, my husband can push a button and know exactly what time it is. What a huge aid to his independence!

As the years have gone by, we have gradually discovered talking alarm clocks and other helpful items. If you have a friend or relative who is visually impaired, please let them know about these aids.

We did not realize talking alarm clocks were so readily available until one Christmas, when a friend bought one for my husband. What a super gift! I am daily thankful for the inventors and sellers of these small items that make such a huge difference in our lives! The vast array of products for the blind continues to grow year after year.

Tel Time Pyramid Talking Alarm Clock

Press the top of this unique triangular clock to have its clear female voice report the time. Wake up to sounds of a cuckoo, rooster, or beep- you can even set the volume levels. Using 4 AA batteries, it features a liquid crystal display, easily set without vision.

Please note this item does not have an hourly announcement.

Interactive 6 Personalized Alarm Reminder Clock

The “Your.Minder Personal Alarm Clock” is the newest clock in the MedCenter Talking Alarm Clock lineup. If you need a clock that can record your own voice and play back a personal alarm, this is it! . The “Your.Minder Alarm Clock” also includes 2 additional daily alarms, an optional DC adapter (included) and our new “Easy Set” mechanics. MedCenter Organizer sold separately.

The Possibilities are Endless: Record anything! – “Happy Birthday!” “Go for a walk!” You can even record your favorite short affirmation in your own voice. Set alarms that identify appointments. “Doctor appointment in 1 hour” or “Meet Jane for lunch.”

Moshi Voice Interactive Talking Alarm Clock

The Moshi VC Alarm Clock is the first ‘listening clock’ that allows you set the time and alarm by your voice alone.
No more small buttons and no more impossible programming. Just speak, and Moshi listens.
Take control your alarm clock
Moshi works so well that it is recognized by the World Blind Union and was awarded the VisionFree Award by the Stevie Wonder Foundation at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2009.

Analog and Digital Talking Desk Clock

Analog and digital talking desk clock with an alarm and optional hourly time announcement. An hourly time announcement may sound like an irritation, but believe me, it is a major help for anyone who is visually impaired. Like the old clock chimes, you soon hear it subconsciously, and are not really aware that it is sounding.

Talking Calendar Alarm Clock

Click the picture to learn more!

Talking Calendar Alarm Clock Can you imagine not being able to see a calendar to know the date? This one is a great help! A clear male voice announces the time and date. It is easy to program and comes with a protective cover so it is not reset by mistake. $74.95
Click the picture for more information and/or to purchase.

Analog Talking Clock

Click the picture for more information and/or to purchase.

Talking Analog Clock

This is a great clock for the blind or visually impaired. Analog readout, voice time report and an alarm and hourly time announcement.

Personal note — I purchased this clock for our house recently. And I really am enjoying it! My favorite thing is waking up and seeing the clock without my glasses on! Yes, it talks and hubby likes that part, but I love seeing those numbers! And the shape is so stylish. It looks good and it is bigger than I expected.

This is one of the best low vision aids for macular degeneration.

PS When you are searching for great gifts for seniors, consider talking products.

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Time is a River – A Personal Review

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Time is a River is a book for every woman, but most especially women who are struggling or have struggled. It is a story of one woman’s victory over breast cancer, her own emotional ups and downs and her divorce.

I was totally inspired by Mia’s story. Mia will quickly become your very best friend and you will experience her adventure, her emotions and her victories. This is a book you will want all of your friends to read! There are even discussion questions in the back of my paperback copy — great for any book club.
Time Is a River (Indie Next Pick) made me feel good. Yes, it is a novel and yes, it includes some mystery and some romance. But the key to this book is in Mia’s emotional healing, facing her fears, becoming her own woman — and as Mia grows as a person, so do her readers.

Photo Credit: Amazon – Read the Reviews on Time is a River

Time Is a River (Indie Next Pick)

Time Is A River

I think you will always remember reading this book. As you read Mia’s story, you will find yourself reflecting on your own story. I know I did. This was a reading experience. I enjoyed the story – could not put the book down. But I also was deeply touched by it.

 Buy Now

Have You Read Time is a River?

What did you think?

Love it! Great read.

OhMe says:

Can’t wait to read her latest book, Beach House Memories

mukunda22 says:

This is a poetic and well written book!! Loved it!!

Mary Alice Monroe says:

Thank you, Joan, for the beautiful review and for introducing my work to your readers!
Mary Alice Monroe

Mickie_G says:

Yes, just finished it this weekend (July 24, 2010). A little too slow in the beginning, but I was quickly caught up!

OhMe says:

I loved this one so much that I ordered Beach House from this lens.

Will read this one soon!


Looks like this is a book I need to read!

Mickie_G says:

Not yet!

GypsyOwl says:

I had not heard of this book before and am going to read it as soon as possible. inspiring! Thank you for creating this lens.

clouda9 says:

I liked your recommendation so it is on my to-read list!

mukunda22 says:

Just ordered it from your lens!! Yippee!!

It’s hard to discuss the story itself because I don’t want to reveal too much. This is a story that deserves to be savored. Each reader needs to discover the wonders of Watkins Mill, its human inhabitants, its natural wonders, and the spirit of Kate Watkins which lingers there, to help Mia with her journey toward not just recovery, but change, growth and enlightenment.


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As a senior, I seem to have a harder time staying warm, even though I live in a warmer climate. This is my year for long underwear every day in the winter! I have begun shopping for some Cuddl Duds!

Cuddl Duds are made of polyester and spandex, so they move with you, which is what I love about them! They are also comfortable and are not at all bulky under your clothing.

Cuddl Duds Women’s Climatesmart Long Sleeve Crew, Blush Pink, SmallCheck PriceCuddl Duds Women’s Thermal Long Legging, Denim Heather, SmallCheck PriceCuddl Duds Medallion Lace Camisole, White, 2X – Misses, WomensCheck PriceCuddl Duds Women’s Softwear with Stretch Long Sleeve Crew Neck TopCheck Price

I’ve found that many people wear them under their clothing when participating in winter sports, too. The fabric quickly absorbs moisture, so these are a nice option for active people.

The only problem I’m having is choosing which color I like best. Perhaps I’ll get 2 or 3 colors, so I’ll have a nice variety. I will probably get the set (the top and the bottoms), but you can purchase them individually, as well, so you can mix and match colors and sizes as needed.

Cuddl Duds Women’s Short Sleeve V-Neck T-ShirtCheck PriceCuddl Duds Women’s Active Layer Long Sleeve Squared Off V-NeckCheck PriceCuddl Duds Women’s Activelayer Long LeggingCheck PriceC3 Fashion Express Women’s Fleece Lined Top & Bottom Thermal Underwear SetCheck Price

I hate being cold! I can’t wait to get my first pair of Cuddl Duds for myself! I might even give some as gifts this year for Christmas and winter birthdays.

What Customers Are Saying about Cuddl Duds

*One customer raves that she cannot even tell she has them on under her clothes. They are so light and comfortable.

*They are true to size and perfect for cold and rainy weather conditions.

*They are soft and feel wonderful against the skin.

*One customer wears them when walking in cold weather, and she says she stays warm and comfortable.

Cuddl Duds are a great product that you are going to love! I’ve heard nothing but good about them, now it’s my turn to try them for myself.

Betty DeLorme

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Retired job is to collect flamingos

Retired Job is to Collect Flamingos

Has life seemed to change for you since you turned 60? or older? I did not retire from work until I was over 70, and oh, then, did it ever change for me! For the good and not so good!

I was sad in a way, for I loved my work, the people I worked with for over twenty years and the purpose of our work in a local hospital.  After I retired, I returned home, very secure in the feeling that I had truly made a difference in at least one person’s day, and hopefully many more. But I knew it was time for change – for the department and for me. I just knew.

Fun things happened. My children gave me a cruise for retirement – a dream come true and on my bucket list! A fabulous experience. I began writing – a love and hobby for almost a lifetime! And I began the process of decluttering my home which is a mammoth undertaking for I am a keeper! I go to lunch with friends, am active in a University program for seniors – with educational and social events, and make my own schedule each day.

Yet, some days, I feel I am just treading water. Working hard and getting nowhere except more retired! So, if you are sharing some of my feelings, let me clue you in on what I am now doing to get motivated, organized, enjoy, and enjoy and enjoy my retired years! After a year of floundering, I used my 2014 New Year’s Resolutions as a new beginning! Rather than just list a dozen or so objectives, I listed categories. Under each category, I put four items that need my attention and efforts. Here we are, months into 2014, and I am reviewing and restructuring my days to incorporate specific items.

My Retired Strategy

The overall heading of my “Thoughts and Goals for 2014” is Health and here are the categories:

  • Mental — includes classes and positive thinking
  • Physical – includes more exercise and healthier eating habits
  • Emotional – includes pleasant trips and decluttering
  • Spiritual – includes good deed and seeking something wonderful each day
  • Social – includes instigating or enjoying outings with friends and family
  • Financial – includes home maintenance projects and budgeting efforts
  • Environmental – includes more nature time and better recycling

Plus an overall personal goal – see below:

Be happy.  Love family. Enjoy friends. Stretch, grow, learn. Sparkle and shine. Be thoughtful.  Absorb nature. Give and share. Be grateful.

And where are you today? Are you enjoying being retired in your senior years?

Betty T. DeLorme