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Time is a River – A Personal Review

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Time is a River is a book for every woman, but most especially women who are struggling or have struggled. It is a story of one woman’s victory over breast cancer, her own emotional ups and downs and her divorce.

I was totally inspired by Mia’s story. Mia will quickly become your very best friend and you will experience her adventure, her emotions and her victories. This is a book you will want all of your friends to read! There are even discussion questions in the back of my paperback copy — great for any book club.
Time Is a River (Indie Next Pick) made me feel good. Yes, it is a novel and yes, it includes some mystery and some romance. But the key to this book is in Mia’s emotional healing, facing her fears, becoming her own woman — and as Mia grows as a person, so do her readers.

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Time Is a River (Indie Next Pick)

Time Is A River

I think you will always remember reading this book. As you read Mia’s story, you will find yourself reflecting on your own story. I know I did. This was a reading experience. I enjoyed the story – could not put the book down. But I also was deeply touched by it.

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What did you think?

Love it! Great read.

OhMe says:

Can’t wait to read her latest book, Beach House Memories

mukunda22 says:

This is a poetic and well written book!! Loved it!!

Mary Alice Monroe says:

Thank you, Joan, for the beautiful review and for introducing my work to your readers!
Mary Alice Monroe

Mickie_G says:

Yes, just finished it this weekend (July 24, 2010). A little too slow in the beginning, but I was quickly caught up!

OhMe says:

I loved this one so much that I ordered Beach House from this lens.

Will read this one soon!


Looks like this is a book I need to read!

Mickie_G says:

Not yet!

GypsyOwl says:

I had not heard of this book before and am going to read it as soon as possible. inspiring! Thank you for creating this lens.

clouda9 says:

I liked your recommendation so it is on my to-read list!

mukunda22 says:

Just ordered it from your lens!! Yippee!!

It’s hard to discuss the story itself because I don’t want to reveal too much. This is a story that deserves to be savored. Each reader needs to discover the wonders of Watkins Mill, its human inhabitants, its natural wonders, and the spirit of Kate Watkins which lingers there, to help Mia with her journey toward not just recovery, but change, growth and enlightenment.


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As a senior, I seem to have a harder time staying warm, even though I live in a warmer climate. This is my year for long underwear every day in the winter! I have begun shopping for some Cuddl Duds!

Cuddl Duds are made of polyester and spandex, so they move with you, which is what I love about them! They are also comfortable and are not at all bulky under your clothing.

Cuddl Duds Women’s Climatesmart Long Sleeve Crew, Blush Pink, SmallCheck PriceCuddl Duds Women’s Thermal Long Legging, Denim Heather, SmallCheck PriceCuddl Duds Medallion Lace Camisole, White, 2X – Misses, WomensCheck PriceCuddl Duds Women’s Softwear with Stretch Long Sleeve Crew Neck TopCheck Price

I’ve found that many people wear them under their clothing when participating in winter sports, too. The fabric quickly absorbs moisture, so these are a nice option for active people.

The only problem I’m having is choosing which color I like best. Perhaps I’ll get 2 or 3 colors, so I’ll have a nice variety. I will probably get the set (the top and the bottoms), but you can purchase them individually, as well, so you can mix and match colors and sizes as needed.

Cuddl Duds Women’s Short Sleeve V-Neck T-ShirtCheck PriceCuddl Duds Women’s Active Layer Long Sleeve Squared Off V-NeckCheck PriceCuddl Duds Women’s Activelayer Long LeggingCheck PriceC3 Fashion Express Women’s Fleece Lined Top & Bottom Thermal Underwear SetCheck Price

I hate being cold! I can’t wait to get my first pair of Cuddl Duds for myself! I might even give some as gifts this year for Christmas and winter birthdays.

What Customers Are Saying about Cuddl Duds

*One customer raves that she cannot even tell she has them on under her clothes. They are so light and comfortable.

*They are true to size and perfect for cold and rainy weather conditions.

*They are soft and feel wonderful against the skin.

*One customer wears them when walking in cold weather, and she says she stays warm and comfortable.

Cuddl Duds are a great product that you are going to love! I’ve heard nothing but good about them, now it’s my turn to try them for myself.

Betty DeLorme

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Retired job is to collect flamingos

Retired Job is to Collect Flamingos

Has life seemed to change for you since you turned 60? or older? I did not retire from work until I was over 70, and oh, then, did it ever change for me! For the good and not so good!

I was sad in a way, for I loved my work, the people I worked with for over twenty years and the purpose of our work in a local hospital.  After I retired, I returned home, very secure in the feeling that I had truly made a difference in at least one person’s day, and hopefully many more. But I knew it was time for change – for the department and for me. I just knew.

Fun things happened. My children gave me a cruise for retirement – a dream come true and on my bucket list! A fabulous experience. I began writing – a love and hobby for almost a lifetime! And I began the process of decluttering my home which is a mammoth undertaking for I am a keeper! I go to lunch with friends, am active in a University program for seniors – with educational and social events, and make my own schedule each day.

Yet, some days, I feel I am just treading water. Working hard and getting nowhere except more retired! So, if you are sharing some of my feelings, let me clue you in on what I am now doing to get motivated, organized, enjoy, and enjoy and enjoy my retired years! After a year of floundering, I used my 2014 New Year’s Resolutions as a new beginning! Rather than just list a dozen or so objectives, I listed categories. Under each category, I put four items that need my attention and efforts. Here we are, months into 2014, and I am reviewing and restructuring my days to incorporate specific items.

My Retired Strategy

The overall heading of my “Thoughts and Goals for 2014” is Health and here are the categories:

  • Mental — includes classes and positive thinking
  • Physical – includes more exercise and healthier eating habits
  • Emotional – includes pleasant trips and decluttering
  • Spiritual – includes good deed and seeking something wonderful each day
  • Social – includes instigating or enjoying outings with friends and family
  • Financial – includes home maintenance projects and budgeting efforts
  • Environmental – includes more nature time and better recycling

Plus an overall personal goal – see below:

Be happy.  Love family. Enjoy friends. Stretch, grow, learn. Sparkle and shine. Be thoughtful.  Absorb nature. Give and share. Be grateful.

And where are you today? Are you enjoying being retired in your senior years?

Betty T. DeLorme

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personal history

Do you know about your Mom’s early life? Your Dad’s work? Where they lived? What they did for fun?

Do your children and grandchildren know those things about you? Will they remember your shared stories and details about your life?


Legacy : A Step-By-Step Guide to Writing Personal HistoryCheck PriceYour Story: A Guided Interview Through Your Personal and Family HistoryCheck PriceHow to Write Your Personal or Family History: (If you don’t do it, who will?)Check Price

It’s now the perfect time for us to record these and that is what I have been doing on . In short little stories, I have managed to explore my own memories and share with others. Some are funny, some are sad, but all are true! Conversations with my two sisters stirred more thoughts and the entire process has been terrific.

When I have completed my wonderful walk down memory lane, I plan to gather copies of them all and have the stories printed and spiral bound for various family members. Such stories make any genealogical records and publications come to life and present the real people, activities, and events.

Here is an easy way to begin:

Purchase a legal pad or steno pad

Put a pen or two with the paper

Place these where you are most likely to use them

Jot the memory or write the brief entry in the pad

Try to make at least one or more entries a day for a set period of time

Review, expand, or rewrite each little story

Type the notes in draft or final form

Discuss printing options with local copy shop or printer

Make the list of those who will receive an autographed copy

Finalize and order your own book of memories.

Honest, I promise! This is such fun! Doing an entry or more each day is easy and not a burden. There are so many questions to be answered, tales to tell, events to describe! You will enjoy the process.

Fortunately, in many communities, there are people who can help in numerous ways if any parts of these suggestions concern you. Seek assistance with writing your memoirs, or do it yourself. My challenge for you is to do it! Capture the past! Share with the future!

The Story of a Lifetime: A Keepsake of Personal MemoirsCheck PriceThe Book of Myself A Do-It-Yourself Autobiography In 201 QuestionsCheck PriceMemories for My Grandchild: A Keepsake to Remember (Grandparent’s Memory Book)Check Price

Betty Tate DeLorme

PS Please return and tell us about writing your personal history. What was the most fun about it? Did you draw a diagram of the house you grew up in? We are interested in your progress on this project.

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Oh, I wish I had a grabber!

I can’t reach anything on the top shelves of the closets anymore! The cabinets in my kitchen go to the ceiling and are also out of reach. My son has forbidden me to climb a ladder, but I want something from that top shelf! What can I do?

Unger 92134 36-Inch Nifty Nabber Pick-Up Tool with Aluminum HandleCheck PriceDuro-Med 32 Aluminum Reacher with Magnetic TipCheck PriceEttore 49036 Grip ‘n GrabCheck Price

First, I deeply appreciate his caring and concern about my safety. He is so right! I am not as agile or surefooted as I used to be. But he is not here at the very time I need something tucked away, up high, out of my reach. And I need it now, not next week when he is coming by to check on me and for a good visit!

A friend mentioned that she had seen something which may just be the answer! It is called a “grabber” and I laughed when she told me! But, when she explained, it really makes sense! I can purchase a “tool” of sorts, which will enable me to reach some of the things I need “right now.”

Betty Tate DeLorme

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From Part 1, you have now probably chosen the method of house cleaning that will work best for you, either by the room or by the task. You, and only you, are also aware of your energy level, your work speed, and the current state of your home. With those in mind, the tips will hopefully be helpful in either case.

SAFETY: Again, the issue of personal safety is critical! A clean light fixture or replaced bulb is not worth the risk of a fall and broken arm or hip if you should miss a step on the ladder. And the same awareness is important when getting down on the floor to clean lower cabinets and such. Can we get up without risk? Without assistance? As much as we hate it, there are some things we must rely on family members, friends, or hired assistance to do for us! Please do not take chances with your personal safety and well being.

SUPPLIES: We all probably have favorite products, brands, smells, we like to use when cleaning. Check your stock of glass/window cleaner, furniture polish, other household cleaners for painted wood, floors, carpet, and such then replenish before “start date.” As you assemble, you may wish to include a roll of paper towels, a small container/spray bottle of water, cleaning and drying cloths, and even an old toothbrush for scrubbing details. I use a plastic, handled carrier made especially for gathering such things. It may not hold them all, but it becomes the center part of cleaning endeavors with supplies together. The items listed above are the general ones for such rooms as living, dining, bedrooms. There are different supplies needed for kitchen and bathroom cleaning, so a separate collection will be needed for the days you chose to clean those rooms.

Rubbermaid Commercial FG315488 Black Deluxe Carry CaddyCheck PriceFiskars 9424 Garden Bucket CaddyCheck Price

You may also want to study the newest cleaning products, for there are now so many “instant helpers” available. Some may well be worth trying! Premoisened cleaners make jobs easier and faster. With cleaning solutions, however, patience is wisdom! We need to allow a bit of time for the product to “do its job.” Reading product labels is critical for such information as well as the intent of the product, dangers, warnings, etc. Again, think about your personal safety! And let’s not forget some of the basics such as vinegar for cleaning usage! Check your local library or online for helpful hints for this and other less expensive and effective cleaning products.

Evriholder HR-MS Hi-Reach Cleaning Kit with 8′ Extension PoleCheck PriceLysol Disinfecting Wipes Value Pack, Lemon and Lime Blossom, 240 CountCheck PricePledge Lemon Wipes, 24 CountCheck Price

GENERAL EQUIPMENT: A good vacuum cleaner is wonderful! So are good mops and brooms and dustpans! I find handling a heavy vacuum cleaner sometimes difficult, so I purchased a lightweight, cordless one with a detachable “dustbuster.” The main secret with any of them is to always be sure the bag or container which hold the dust and dirt is not too full! Check your supply of replacement bags to have on hand! Change the bag when it reaches the Full line or empty the provided container. Don’t waste energy when the equipment is not working to the maximum potential.

DON’T FORGET THE SMALL STUFF: A soiled light switch cover, a cloudy mirror, toothpaste splatters on the bathroom faucet, a moldy shower curtain, grungy rings around the eyes on the stove, a dirty trash can, crooked pictures on the wall, simple splatters on the refrigerator, dust on the treasured knick knacks are just a few of the small signs of an untidy house.

PRETEND YOU ARE A VISITOR, AND A CRITICAL ONE: Enter each room and seriously view the details of cleanliness and order. We are so accustomed to it, we normally just overlook the need for a good house cleaning! Take a look around, quite seriously to determine your plan of action!

Be safe, be thorough, be successful with your Spring Cleaning!

PS – That wonderful Interpretation of Clean Pillow shown at the top is available at

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Whether you live in 1 room or 10, alone or with others, house cleaning is part of our lives! The dust collects, the dirt grabs hold, fingerprints and smudges and soil appear here and there. And that doesn’t count the clutter, dirty laundry, unwashed dishes, trash in the trash cans, mail to be sorted, recycling to be handled, and light bulbs to be changed!

Swiffer Sweeper 2 In 1 Mop And Broom Floor Cleaner Starter KitCheck PriceSwiffer WetJet Spray, Mop Floor Cleaner Starter Kit (Packaging May Vary)Check PriceSwiffer Sweeper Wet Mopping Cloths Mop And Broom Floor Cleaner Refills Febreze Lavender vanilla & Comfort 36 CountCheck Price

We, as seniors, have our hands full with the house cleaning chores to be done! But with Spring approaching, it is the perfect time to get a plan in mind and take action for cleaner, more orderly surroundings. Ideally, we would hire someone to do Spring Cleaning for us. Or perhaps hire a young person to help, at least a few hours, with some of the more difficult tasks. Finding the right, trustworthy person or working that into our budget is not always possible, so we have some hints that will hopefully make your Spring cleaning and future home maintenance easier.

There are also some basic safety issues to keep in mind, depending on your own situation. My son, for example, has put down a new rule for me: Never Climb the Ladder Again! This means, of course, that someone else has to replace light bulbs or pull down or put away in places I can’t reach with arm’s length! Another rule: Never Go to the Attic Alone! The stairs may be steep, making it dangerous for anyone with possible unsteady steps. So, along the cleaning route, do keep your safety in mind!

Ez2care Alumium Reacher with Magnetic Tip and Ergo Handle, Silver, 30-InchCheck PriceDuro-Med Foot Stool with Support Handle, Silver/BlackCheck PriceMr. Clean 443865 Magic Reach All in One Bathroom Cleaning Tool Starter KitCheck Price



There are two basic approaches you may wish to consider:

A Room a Day: Determine to totally clean that particular room and very thoroughly. Polish the furniture, wash the nicknacks, check all light bulbs, sweep mop, wax or vacuum floors, clean baseboards, door frames, cabinets, shutters or blinds, and so on.

A Chore a Day: List 8-10 major cleaning chores for each room (such as those listed in #1 above), then do the same chore in every room of the house on a particular day.

Think about these, and our next post, Part 2, real soon will give some specific great hints for you to use as Spring approaches and you want to do your Spring house cleaning!

Betty DeLorme